Lesson 41



Words of the Week

1.OPPORTUNITY: a chance, especially one that offers some kind of advantage

2.CREATE: to bring something into existence

3.WINNER: somebody or something that is or seems likely to become very successful or popular

4.LOSER: a person or thing adversely affected by a situation or course of action

In the story of Mr Trump’s chair, I very much doubt that winning and losing even is a thought that Mr Trump has in the situation of the opening of his new golf club. I think he has a creation about to be added to all his other wealth holders. I believe that Mr Trump would look at the golf club as a opportunity to enhance his reputation for quality project completions on due dates. “The momentum must be maintained at all costs” would be the over-riding thought. I doubt very much that Mr Trump would be worried about winning or losing….. he would leave that to the baseball field or the golf course. He would be looking at opportunities made by the creation of the new golf clubs. I hear a lot of talk about WIN WIN solutions, whilst the game that is being played is actually winners and losers.  It seems that the recorded needle of thought gets caught on WINNING AND LOSING.  We as the collective deceive ourselves by thinking we play WIN WIN when really we play the game of WINNERS and LOSERS. In business, there is competition. Not like on a sporting field where the game has time limiting the event to a defined time frame, leading to very defined outcomes for the winners and losers. In business, the rules are very clearly laid out by the governments, marketplace and the end-users of our products and services and can be carried over for decades. If we place the business as a sporting game, timed event, it is possible we can miss the opportunity to create long-term wealth over generations and go inter-generational. The real opportunity in business is (in my opinion) in to create long term wealth that moves beyound my life. In business, I create choices everyday and sometimes, it looks like I made a bad choice. I do my best every day to be my best and some days my best gets a big lesson of a mistake being made. It this moment of time in which comes the moment to really get the point of ….






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What the world needs next:

More and more Minds that can

Automatically change themselves

when what they are doing

no longer works!

A mistake is the opportunity to think differently instead of thinking, “Oh, I’m a loser” . This is the opportunity for real education.

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledgeskills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others, but may also be autodidactic.[1] Any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. From Wikipedia…..( I just love the store house of the internet at my fingertips…… it makes me feel the real power of a human in today’s world).

The mistake can be about losing or it could be about an opportunity to create a solution (= real education for business owners).

As a business owner, I embrace mistakes as opportunities to create wealth. It is a moment in which I can increase my capacity to DO EVER MORE WITH EVER LESS. If I play the thought of winning or losing, I shut down the great human design to that moment of losing, shutting down my capacity to correct on my mistake. At that moment, I lose momentum and risk the chance to be more….. both in business and as a human on planet earth. Mr Trump demonstrates what every BUSINESS OWNER/ENTREPRENUER must have…… A SENSE OF URGENCY! It is the moment of business greatness….. the ability to perform even when the doubt is great and the capacity is low. The change of Mind is the moment of starting to increase that capacity of the business and the human. I believe as humans over the last 50 years, there has been a shift from “winning and losing” thoughts to understanding that we have a mind that will create solutions. I also believe in the changed mind….. we have the ability to create futures by a level of design being deployed by accepting that mistakes will be made and it just part of the process. Future is all about the human mind projecting itself into the place and time as if it is today. Humans have that ability, albeit under-developed, to create futures instead of reliving the past. The future is a Nano-second away…… it is now a matter of the new mind and the new thoughts…Thank You Dudley Lynch for the insight.

Next week, I will introduce STRUGGLEDORK readers to an ICON I created 5 years ago on an airplane after a business meeting.

Every day, I use this to create my business future. All futures are complex and getting more complex by the day. Time to shift from linear thoughts, being……GOOD or BAD……. RIGHT or WRONG….WINNERS and LOSERS





Until next week,

SABEF Struggledork