Lesson 43

AWARENESS: having knowledge of something from having observed it or been told about it

DIRECTION: the way in which somebody or something goes, points, or faces

INTENTION: the quality or state of having a purpose in mind

EXPECTATION: a mental image of something expected, often compared to its reality


Energy Moeny Flow


Last week, we looked at the idea of future outcomes, decisions and execution as the starting part of building a business. This week, I want to explore the tetrahedron of flow, energy, money and products.

When I travel the world, I hear a common thought everywhere I go… “If I had money, I could do this”, or, “I just need someone to support me by giving me money”. In 30 years of doing business, I have finally settled on this…….“Money is not the first step in a business venture.” In my AWARENESS,   money can even be an inhibitor if not applied at the right time and right place. I watch whilst a load of energy is expended on the need for money. Money is a wanted part of business….. it is not a need in the start-up of a business. Let me explain ………… when I start anything, personal, business or environment, I’m thinking:


1.      What do I know about what is already there? Or what is my AWARENESS? I spend my life listening to groups of people talking about what they do not have. I would much prefer to talk about what I do have……. This increases my AWARENESS and my ability to create a future. In today’s world, the human design is a huge resource to create abundant futures. Each human has all of their experiences and talents as a resource that can be tapped into, a long time before money is needed. In my view, as humans, we play games of winning and losing and forget that the real game is…… be in the game competing, be our best and making corrections as we play the game. Time can be a pressure-valve when as humans, we think we are going to run out of time (news to all humans…. you will not run out of time). What happens is that events have finishing points, so we can check in to see where we are at in any given event. In other words, it is a measuring point in time and this is an opportunity to debrief on the feedback in the system.

a.      What happened?

b.      What did we learn?

c.      What will be corrected?

d.      When do we make the corrections?

e.      How long before we debrief on corrections?

Life is a loop of Experiences. The real question for “ME” is not, “Did I win or lose?” It is always, “What did I experience? And what will I do today from what I learned from my experience?” or really…. “How AWARE am I?”


Note From Sipho…… This is something SABEF Struggledork is very good at ….. looking to see what resources are already there, not worrying about what is not there. SABEF Struggledork is very good at then seeing how the available resources can be combined and deployed to the greatest effect towards the desired outcome. The other thing that SABEF Struggledork is very good at is change…. If the available resources change, SABEF Struggledork is quickly able to change with that.


2.      I’m always moving towards what I want and away from what I don’t want. Direction is the key. When I hear what groups don’t want, I stay in no-motion, or in real terms, “INERTIA” (= inability or unwillingness to move or act). It is amazing how many times my only real job is to say, “Move”. Leadership is always about a risk and is about heading in a direction. Having headed in a direction, it is then about staying PRESENT AND AWARE. Without fail, mistakes will be made! Humans are mistake-making beings. It is a mistake to think anything else. Mistakes are an opportunity to increase our human capacity!

Note from Sipho….. I often get stuck…. In our businesses, we have so many moving parts. They are often inter-related and dependant on each other. There are sometimes so many moving parts and so many tight time-frames, that I get paralysed (usually with the fear of making a mistake) and stop moving. I have learned that one of the best ways for me to over-come my paralysis is just to MOVE, as SABEF Struggledork says above. Even one small movement/task towards the desired outcome can unblock the lack of flow of energy and get everything moving again. The task may be as small and simple as tidying up my desk or paying a bill.


3.  Every human comes to this planet with a spirit that has the ability to create a direction and INTENTION ……an ability to create futures. That is the real difference between the human animal and all other animals on planet earth. We humans can create futures…… the question is …….what future do you want? And what do you expect in that future?

4.  In 30 years of doing business, my greatest disappointment is that as humans, we set low EXPECTATIONS. Even worse, we spend our life justifying why our EXPECTATIONS are a normal reality. That is not my reality….My reality is that each human has infinite potentialities and has the ability to create a different future. Our human EXPECTATIONS are so low, we live in a life of “INERTIA”    and believe that that is our lot in life.



When you look at this week’s Tetrahedron of FLOW, I start always understanding that a human does not start with MONEY! Every human, no matter how and no matter when, always starts any event with their own energy. It is a mis-co-ordination of human thought to believe that a business or event starts with MONEY! All flow starts with ENERGY flowing somewhere and doing something. You do not need MONEY to start a business or an event. You must start with ENERGY as the first resource and most valuable of all resources. Humans are kidding themselves if they don’t understand that your own energy is the most valuable of all resources. MONEY is a wanted resource, not the most needed. MONEY is wanted to create more-with-less outcomes, making faster, cheaper, better products that add value. Supply and demand is a very old thought. The new world has no shortage of products….. the market is over-supplied at every level. It is now a world of SUPPLY  and ADDED-VALUE!

Add no value in everything you do and be you will live a life of reflecting “INERTIA”………      


The life of a leader is the life of a refracting risk-taker. Leaders live a life of risk, taking and forcing movement to happen, knowing with every movement, there will be mistakes and with every mistake comes the golden opportunity to correct. Correction can only increase Human capacity.

Until next week when I write about the Tetrahedron of