Lesson 42

Lesson 42


Future: Time that has yet to come….. Events that have not happened.

Outcome: Result of the way an event happened.

Decision: The ability to choose or decide about things in a clear and definite way.

Execution: The carrying out of an action, instruction, command, or movement



I have created a structure of thought that I think is important when thinking about my business. Over many years in running and growing a business, I have found that if I leave out any of the above components of thinking, my ability to get the job done is limited. These are the thoughts of a business owner or manager of any event, not for everyone involved with the business. Safe to say, not everyone wants to think this way. As an Owner, Leader, Manager in the business environment, there must be a step-by-step way of developing the day-to-day of business without the day just happening on me. When I started in business 30 years ago, I was a master of bush fires every day….. I would go to work, the day would unfold and I spent my time putting out fires….. reacting to what showed up. I thought that was the way of a business owner. I was always busy moving in smaller and smaller circles of getting the jobs done. It turns out I was busy losing Energy, Space, Time and Money… and going nowhere.  I decided I must get outside advice on ways forwards. I started going to public seminars made up of business owners and executives. I wanted to increase my awareness about myself and my business. It turns out that 30 years on and still attending educational events, I’m still learning…. and the real problem has and will always be “ME” and my capacity to move towards what I really want. My business is really only a reflection of my ability to refract on the matter called business.       

Bonus words:

Reflect: show a reverse image of somebody or something.

Refract: Show and alter an event by thinking differently.

In today’s world of high speed and information overload, the capacity to move before the fire starts is the difference between being in business or out of business. I have trained my mind to look at many elements at the same time to be able to move before the fire starts. I have made and continue to make a lot of mistakes. I have increased my capacity by understanding that a mistake is an opportunity to learn. I used to think of a mistake as a fire burning and that water would put it out. I would find out later that the fire would start up somewhere else and my circle would get smaller until I really addressed the problem as an opportunity to increase my understanding and at the same time, increase my capacity. Wow….. this human design is great!! I have always been a person who sees a lot of dimensions at the same time and have the ability to connect and make sense of all the dimensions.

I include the Icon of thinking above. Its 6 tetrahedrons of thoughts combined into 1 big tetrahedron of thoughts that I have when dealing with the future I want to create. I call it:


“Really …..SABEF-Struggledork…….. Who is going to understand this?

It’s too hard. Nobody will want to take the time to increase capacity”.

Okay…. I understand that it looks complex and it will take some effort to understand and apply. I will do my best to increase the capacity of the reading public. At the same time, I want to add value to the life of Entrepreneurs/Business Owners. There is not anything on the Icon that every business owner doesn’t think about today. The thoughts are always there. In this Icon, they are there in a structure of thought and will support the well-being of business owners to survive and grow. In a world of certain uncertainty (the paradox of today’s world), there has to be a process that allows for movement to create opportunities that will create real wealth.


·        Break-downs into 6 equally important areas of business thought.

·        Each area of thought is a tetrahedron of thought (Universe's minimum structural system: the tetrahedron).

·        Every business must have a service or a product and a customer who will buy.

·        Every business must have a driving force to create a future…..every business has a “ME”.

·        Every business has an inside the business and an outside the business.

·        Every business is always exchanging inside and outside the business.

Oh SABEF-Struggledork, you are so complex….. Why don’t you keep it simple…….. Stupid!

Wake up!!!! The world is complex and is only getting more complex….. that is the problem. We as humans must increase our capacity to be able to deal with speed and complexities of our daily life.

Everything starts simple and gets more complex by relationships that can be understood and integrated. I believe that a lot of advice that is given starts as well meaning and it goes from simple to stupid by not understanding the complexity of relationships.

Let’s start…….

6 Tetrahedrons of thought:

1.      Future Outcome, Decision, Executions, Product/Service

2.      Flow, Energy, Money, Product/Service

3.      Communication, Verbal, Non-verbal, Product/Service

4.      System/Process, In, Out, Product/Service

5.      Compliance, Accounts, Agreements, Product/Service

6.      Product/Service, Physical, Meta-Physical/ Customer

As complex as it sounds, this is only half of the thought.

In all business, you must have a Product/Service and the second must component is you must have a customer.

It starts as a Product/Service and must add value to a customer!

Over the next 12 weeks, I will break the thoughts down and demonstrate the requirement to understand complexities.

This week is about the big picture of thought:

 - Future Outcomes, Decisions, Executions, Product/Service

As a thought, I always go big first…. which means I must know what I’m doing in the future. As a business owner, I have customers and products …..It is no more simple than that. I must see the what, where, how, why, when of any product. To do that, I have to be in the future seeing the outcome I want. If I can’t see and understand that future, how can my customer understand my value proposition? If I can see the big picture, it is as simple as doing the hardest of things in any business!……

Make a Decision!!

To make a decision is to take a risk of making a mistake. All of our life, we are taught the world works on right and wrong ……… good and bad. In fact, the world works on movement and correction or……..

- Action

-  Reaction

-  Resultant

The world is a feedback loop of experiences (movement). It is the human’s ability to debrief or question the feedback that separates humans from all other animals.

The other magic point of humans is the ability to EXECUTE on a decision.  The real magic is the human’s ability to focus on the decision to create a future. In the case of a business, the focus becomes the product that is being offered to the customer for an exchange of MONEY.

This week’s Tetrahedron of thought……





Next week, I will move to Flow thoughts

SABEF-Struggledork OUT